7 thoughts on “Notizie gattose dal mondo

  1. There I was, with my back on the wall,
    then comes this monster cat,
    he’s ten feet tall,
    with teeth and claws to match…


    (I genesis, lievemente modificati)

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  3. Yet another article on how texting is changing English (or ‘what txtng is doing tot he English language’.

  4. Anyway, she seems to be recovering well. Hope the hair grows back quickly. Without it, you can see just how skinny breastfeeding has made her.

  5. TheyÂ’re just talking about him on xfm right now.

  6. LeDemure’s Life of a demure college student

  7. Complimenti…
    …solo oggi ho “scoperto” le tue strisce e mi sto rotolando dal ridere a leggerle!!
    Sono felice possessore di 2 splendidi gattoni, una certosina ed un norvegese (12kg quando era magro… adesso non lo peso hihihhhi) e li rivedo tantissimo nelle tue strisce!!

    La nota sul topo in questa striscia mi ha fatto quasi cadere dalla seggiola!!

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